So our Mekong adventure is rapidly approaching.

And this time we are going to be a little more organised hopefully.

We have been sponsored by some amazing companies to help us.

Billboard SUP are letting us use their topnotch adventure boards, .eco have kindly given us this eco domain and Overboard bags have given us stuff to keep our kit dry.

Our plan is to fly to Thailand and cross the boarder into Laos overland. It seemed the easiest way to get to Huay Xai.

By law we have to have a local guide. Danny in his naivety doesn’t want a guide. Andy with his Silk Road wisdom thinks it will be very useful. Danny’s wife is relieved that he is going with Andy.

So we will meet our guide when we cross the boarder and hopefully we can just arrange to meet him at set points as we go down the river. The last thing we want is a little motorised canoe putt putting along next to us!

The total distance is around 310 km from  Huay Xai to Luang Prabang.  We are hoping that the flow of the river will help us a bit so we are hoping to do about 50km a day.

A massive worry is the heat. It could potentially reach 40’….. so that is really going to make doing anything, let along paddle boarding, incredibly tough.

The Mekong (pic from Danny’s 8 month honeymoon around SE Asia)

We will camp along the river as we go. Due to the possibility of unexploded bombs we will have to be careful to only go where the land is well used. It would be amazing if we are invited into the small villages along the river and allowed to stay there but we will have to wait and see how things turn out.

Laos culture is beautiful and the people very friendly so we are really looking forward to embracing every opportunity that might present itself as our journey progresses.

In 40′ heat water is going to be well needed. Nice ice cold water won’t be available. Neither will cold beer. We have decided that we will not buy bottled water. We would end up buying a lot of plastic bottles and we don’t want to add to the plastic mountain. So we will purify and drink water from the river as we go. Thinking about it now it just makes sense and it is something we can all do when travelling. We don’t need to constantly buy water bottles everyday when travelling. Just a filter.

Our final big concern is the fast boats that tourists zoom about on along the Mekong. For those people too impatient or with too little time too waste sitting on a slow boat. The boats are well known for being pretty dangerous. Especially in the dry season when the water is low and the rocks are sticking out. We really don’t want to get hit by one!

So we have speedboats, unexploded ordinance, 40′ heat and 310km to deal with. Can’t wait.

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Help us raise funds to help clear the Unexploded Bombs in Laos

Laos is just one of many countries that is plagued by the hidden dangers of Unexploded Bombs and Landmines.

Help us save lives in Laos with the charity MAG (Mine Advisory Group) – We want to raise £3000 for them to help their amazing work in Laos and the other countries around the world.