And we’re off….

We have managed to meet each other in Chiang Rai which is a good start. All our kit has been sorted and repacked so we are good to go.

A massive thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far. We have smashed our target of £3000 which is amazing and are now heading towards the £4000 mark.

Keep it coming!! This money really will help save lives.


updates from now will probably be mainly on Instagram : dfphotographyUK or twitter : @DnAadventures

You can also follow us on the Facebook page : although that might not be updated as much as Instagram / Twitter will just because of ease of use with little internet reception.


Thanks again everyone and and looking forward to sending some pictures of us on the river….

Canal Waters

So we decided not to use any single use plastic on our trip.

This meant we needed to find some decent water filters that would allow us to drink the Mekong river water. You can imagine the kind of stuff that will be in that water by the time it reaches us.


The river starts in Tibet where it was probably  beautifully clean. However, by the time it has reached US in Huay Xai, Laos it would have traveled through China.

China is known for it’s poor environmental record. Pollution is really bad so you have to assume the water will be pretty polluted from industry there. Heavy metals, chemicals – who knows….

Then there will be farms and villages along the river that will use the river as a way of getting rid of sewage – tasty…


So what ever water filters we choose better be good.

After a bit of research I discovered Grayl Water Filters. Removes 99.999% of everything. Easy to use. Comes with it’s own cup. Sounds perfect

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Jungle – what jungle?

Andy passed me a book he had just finished entitled ‘ A short ride in the jungle’.

It’s written by a female journalist, Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, who decided to ride a little Honda Cub 90cc Moped the length of the Ho Chi Minh trail through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. An epic effort on a basic little bike.


Anyway, I am currently about half way through and she has just really started to see something that is happening the world over. It is possibly the most short sighted, selfish thing that humans seem to be intent on doing.

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So much for practice…..

SUP practice at Seven Sisters.

With one last chance to get on the board before I head off I figured I really should get some practice on rapids. Unfortunately there is literally nothing that resembles a rapid near Brighton.

Instead I planned to head to the beautiful Wye Valley. I have spent some lazy days paddling a canoe / floating down there a few ago there were a few easy rapids which would have been perfect.


But then came the Beast from the East and froze the majority of the river.

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Exercise – really?

This morning I ached. Every muscle ached. Even my hands hurt but that happened when I was trying to re Fox Proof (3rd time lucky) the chicken coop and slipped taking out an old nail .

I’m not really one for exercise. I bought some trainers once with the aim of going running then they stayed in the shoe cupboard unused for at least 4 years. 

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Kit – do we need this much?

Wow I’ve just sat down and started writing a list of stuff we need. Well stuff I think we will need.

I had it in my head that we won’t need much. Less than a camping trip to Dorset with the family. Much less hopefully as our car is so full on a camping trip there is barely room for the kids.

The Billboards are big so can carry a lot, they are designed to carry loads and not get slowed down by it. It was obvious how good they were at this when compared to 2 other SUP boards as we paddled down the Thames. So much so we kept taking it in turns to have a go on the good board even though it was the one loaded down with most of the kit.

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So this is our blog – well actually this is a test of our blog to see if I am doing it right.

I don’t like building websites apparently….