Help us raise funds to help clear the Unexploded Bombs in Laos

Laos is just one of many countries that is plagued by the hidden dangers of Unexploded Bombs and Landmines.

Help us save lives in Laos with the charity MAG (Mine Advisory Group) – We want to raise £3000 for them to help their amazing work in Laos and the other countries around the world.

Why DnA Adventures?

Well, we are friends from uni, we partied hard, we ended up on other sides of the world and then we decided to paddle down the Thames from source on Paddleboards. During our week on the river we started talking about our next possible adventure.

Danny had something that had been bugging him for nearly 20 years. On honeymoon he and his wife talked about buying a local canoe and paddling down the Mekong from the Chinese / Laos boarder but they didn’t.

Danny wimped out.

And it has bugged the hell out of him ever since…

But Andy liked the idea and so Danny had a chance to redeem himself and this adventure. Although Andy did suggest making it harder by doing it on SUP’s (paddleboards).

Oh and Andy also suggested that we collect all the rubbish we find in the river during our journey.

And not use any single use plastic ourselves….

So there it is.

Paddleboarding down the Mekong from Huai Xai to Luang Prabang in 35′ heat, sleeping on the river bank, collecting rubbish and drinking from the river.



Hong Kong Art Exhibition organiser and beach dweller.
Organised a mega run along the silk road from
Instanbul to Beijing.
Likes Sailing. Likes Adventures. Likes Gin.


    Brighton Photographer and Drone Pilot.
    Likes a bit of adventure. Likes a few beers.
    Loves his wife and Kids


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